Main Street 201

Main Street 201: Investment Priorities for Georgia’s Small Towns and Main Streets

In 2016 the Office of Downtown Development introduced a new track of educational workshops titled Main Street 201. The idea behind Main Street 201 was to give existing Main Street Managers, Staff and Board Members educational opportunities that provide a deeper dive, or a specific focus, beyond what is taught in Main Street 101.  While our Main Street 101 topics and agenda will stay similar from year to year, our Main Street 201 topics will change.  In 2017 we will be hosting one Main Street 201 workshop in Athens, GA. This event will be held in conjunction with our Main Street 101 workshop so that new managers or board members that wish to attend both events can do so in one location (keep in mind that a separate registration is required for both workshops).

In partnering with the Georgia Conservancy, and DCA’s Office of Planning and Environmental Management, our 2017 Main Street 201 workshop will focus on “Investment Priorities for Georgia’s Small Towns and Main Streets” along with ideas and concepts that will help your community plan for success. Next year’s workshop will include components that are both presentation and hands-on activity focused.  In the morning sessions the Georgia Conservancy will illustrate for attendees how the research of 65 Georgia small towns revealed 7 major design and planning fundamentals, common to the thriving towns’ strengths.

In the afternoon DCA’s Office of Planning and Environmental Management, will discuss what the local Main Street Program’s role is in the creation and implementation of each community’s local comp plan development. During this session presenters will explore how local programs can work to integrate individual components of their community’s comp plan into their own downtown strategic plan and the value that good planning can play in your downtown’s success.

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