Outside the Storefront: a guide to historic downtown landscapes

From time to time, as a step to help supplement our regular monthly webinar series, we will be offering special pre-recorded webinars on design, preservation and economic development based topics.  To kick off this initiative we have uploaded a new pre-recorded webinar to our Georgia Main Street YouTube channel that we hope you will enjoy. Last Friday we had the pleasure of collaborating with Keyes Williamson, ASLA, and Madie Fischetti, ASLA, of the Athens based Jaeger Company for a special webinar titled “Outside the Storefront.”

During this presentation Keyes and Madie explore three different types of downtown historic landscapes including streetscapes, parks, and cemeteries. Highlighting best practices from three of our very own Georgia Main Street communities, the presenters discuss the planning process for treatment of these landscapes, from concept to implementation of design.  This webinar will help take you away from the typical facade rendering and show what Main Street program’s can do for their downtown when we step outside the box and think beyond the storefront.

Learn more about our presenters Keyes Williamson and Madie Fischetti:

Keyes Williamson, is Principal at The Jaeger Company and has over 25 years in the design and maintenance of public spaces. Keyes brings experience managing landscapes at historic sites, including Monticello and Old Salem, and directing the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum into his approach to landscape design and preservation planning. Keyes has been involved in a wide range of construction and planning projects for a range of clients, including universities, federal agencies, and municipalities. Keyes has also worked on a variety of preservation studies, including cultural landscape inventories, reports, and preservation plans.

Madie Fischetti serves as Senior Landscape Architect/Project Manager at The Jaeger Company and has over 14 years professional design experience. Madie is responsible for a number of the firm’s downtown design efforts including master planning and streetscape design projects. Madie has assisted in numerous projects involving public participation and conducting community and user group input sessions. In addition to being a landscape architect, Madie has a Certificate in Historic Preservation from the University of Georgia, allowing her to assume leadership roles in historic landscape projects such as Cultural Landscape Reports and sensitive site design at historic sites.