Rome Historic Preservation Commission approves facade changes on Broad Street

The Rome Historic Preservation Commission approved changes to the facades at two Broad Street buildings on Wednesday. The changes proposed for the Tillman Insurance building at 424 Broad St. will take the building back to a more traditional historic appearance.

Changes at 202 Broad St., expected to become the next home for Cevian Design Labs, will create a more contemporary look.

Preliminary work at the Tillman building uncovered original iron columns that were part of the facade years ago. Architect Bill Jones asked the HPC to consider changes to the entrance door. The committee said if he and Denise Tillman want to make changes to what was originally submitted, they would have to come back next month with a new request.

Architect Mark Cochran won approval from the HPC for accordion-style doors at 202 Broad St., similar to those at the nearby Dark Side of the Moon. The preservation group said the doors must open to the inside and not project out into the sidewalk.

The HPC also rejected a request from Cochran to put a vertical sign promoting his company on the second floor of the facade. HPC guidelines do not permit signs on the second floor of Broad Street buildings.