Sample Board Commitment Letter #2

Sample Board Commitment Letter

Dear ________________,

Thank you for agreeing to serve on the board of  ____________________.  Our mission is (insert mission statement here).

We expect the following of our board members:
– Attendance policy: Our meetings are held (note times, date and place)
– We have the following financial expectations of our members:
– Your participation in the following events is expected (list special events, training, etc. and the level of participation expected IE. bring a foursome to the golf tournament, buy a table to the dinner/dance)

The length of your term is ______________________________________

We anticipate that it will take you approximately _____________ hours (number of hours per week/month or year) minimum to serve on this board.

All board members are asked to serve on at least one committee.  You will be consulted regarding the committee on which you would most like to serve.

To help with the orientation process and to welcome you, your board mentor/sponsor is ________________________ (include phone number).

Should you have any questions about fulfilling your duties, please call the Board President (name) at (phone number) or the program director at (phone number).

Please sign both copies of this form and return one to the Main Street office.
Welcome aboard. We look forward to working with you as (refer to the mission statement).


Board Candidate

Board President

Date ______________